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Default Re: NOW which film is your favourite??

I'm a massive Batman fan so I can never decide what film is my favorite. First I enjoy the hype, then first see the film the best way I can (Imax), watch it as many times at the movies, mainly at a normal cinema because Imax is a long drive then when it stops at the cinema I read all the books about the film (The novel, making of books, the art of the movie etc) then watch countless interviews with cast & crew. Then get the biggest or ''best'' bluray edition (The broken cowl edition) plus a standard dvd edition so I can also experience the film is SD to see how I feel compairing it to the bluray edition. Plus if there was a game I'd get that too. I also read the comics or GN's that the story was inspired by. See I exprience the story from all angles so when I watch the film I can never really question the story because I know whats going on, why things happen, what the point of things are, the goals of the film-makers etc. Then when another movie comes along it starts all over again. Sorry people about the post I'm on my phone.

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