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You said Superman Lives would have destroyed the Superman franchise, but I guess you've changed you're opinion on that now.

I definitely agree that they should have let Tim Burton make Superman Lives in 1997/1998 instead of green lighting Barry Sonnenfeld's Wild Wild West in 1998. It shows Warners poor judgement that Warner co-chairman Bob Daly thought Joel Schumacher's Batman & Robin starring George Clooney, Chris O'Donnell, Schwarzenegger, Uma Thurman and Alicia Silverstone was a sure bet to be a hit just because Joel Schumacher's Batman Forever starring Chris O'Donnell (but primarily starring Val Kilmer, Jim Carrey, Nicole Kidman and Tommy Lee Jones) was a hit and thought Barry Sonnenfeld's Wild Wild West starring Will Smith was a sure bet to be a hit just because Barry Sonnenfeld's Men in Black starring Will Smith (and Tommy Lee Jones) was a hit. Daly was trying to play it safe and trying to ride on past successes, rather than providing something with some heart, uniqueness and some originality. While audiences like nostalgia, audiences also like to see something different.

While most Superman actors were unknowns before playing their version of Superman, I don't agree that an actor must be an unknown to convincingly play a version of Superman successfully, and I also don't regard Henry Cavill as an unknown. I know him from Immortals which he starred in with Mickey Rourke and Woody Allen's Whatever Works with Larry David.

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