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Default Re: Amazing Spidey Video Game Thread. - - - - - - Part 15

Originally Posted by Oscorp View Post
I really hope Activision surprise us and have had Beenox work on a next gen Spidey game all this time! Seeing how great the effects and details are for the PS4, I'd love to have a long developed game for that system. Maybe it's one of the launch titles?

Imagine a Spidey game with the graphics shown in those game vids. That thought makes me drool!

I also think Beenox said they were splitting their team again after ASM? Or even before ASM? Hmm...

I mean, Activision must realise that giving the devs time and equipment is what really makes a difference. They must feel that they want a Spidey title as huge as the Arkham games given the potential.
I'll be totally stoked to hear two different bits of news from Beenox.

1) There is no Spidey game for this year and they'll only be working on ASM2.

2) The game will be made for the next gen consoles i.e. PS4.

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