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Default Re: The ‘Batman’ Casting Thread

Originally Posted by Coffee View Post
Does anyone remember if there was any fallout or comments about Billy Dee Williams being Harvey Dent in Batman 89?

I never really hear anything about it, but it's interesting because it would seem like people would have been up in arms about it.

Also (although that version never made it to the screen) Marlon Wayons was actually cast as Robin before Joel took over for Burton.....
There may have been fans who didn't like it , but then again , most of the outrage at the time was at Keaton getting the role. Plus, Dent wasn't a well known character to the mainstream public in 1989 and Billy Dee was a popular actor. To tell you the truth , I doubt the GA would have been up in arms about it.

For one , you didn't have the internet then so fans couldn't moan or mobilize over something that obscure in those days. The Keaton thing caused heat because it was such a major casting story.

Alot of the outrage toward casting choices among fans today is fuelled by the ability of fans, websites, bloggers, pundits, etc to speculate and react to certain choices of the production online via messageboards, twitter and everything else. You didn't have that in 1989. You had letter writing and probably fans who all read comics, or magazines, or where at comic book shops who would probably talk about it or moan about it but other than that no one else woulda given a damn back in 89.

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