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Default Re: NOW which film is your favourite??

So to the OP, I can't choose because I get so engulfed in the film/story at the time. Plus if the film is part 2 or 3 I watch the previous movies again when I bring home the new one. Plus I understand that each movie has different goals, villians, journeys for the characters, plot threads, action, settings. See BB is the origin of Batman/Bruce Wayne, TDK is a continuation of his story from BB and TDKR is an end to the storys that started in BB and continued in TDK. They can be stand alone storys with BB and TDK as With BB the story is in the title Batman ''begins''. TDK is pretty easy to understand if you have'nt watched BB but The Dark Knight Rises was promoted as The ''end'' of the journey. So anyone smart enough would see that there would have to be a start to the journey and do the research and see BB is the start and TDK is the next after that. But with TDKR you ''should'' watch the first two before watching it to really understand everything properly. But yeah I simply don't choose because of the reasons I have stated above.

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