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Default Re: What love interests will Bruce Wayne/Batman have in the reboot?

Originally Posted by godisawesome View Post
I'd honestly try and make Selina Kyle and Talia Al Ghul recurring characters and the main overall love interests but in very different ways. While Talia should have some kind of history with Batman and be kind of a sober love interest, Catwoman should be vivacious and very much attached to the nightlife in Gotham. So Bruce flirts more with Catwoman and they repeatedly burn each other in wordplay about their secret identities, while Talia kind of tempts him with an easier path to "justice" and an escape from the cowl.

In my ideal world, Bruce would have met Talia in the period he was training around the world before either of them knew her father was Ra's Al Ghul; their early relationship should resemble Bruce and Andrea's relationship from Mask of the Phantasm, and the audience shouldn't be outright informed that her return has more to do with her father's plans than just a happy reunion. This way Bruce can actually show both some detective skills and heartache when he uncovers her masquerade, too late of course to prevent the conception of Damian Wayne. She should go from a wonderful supporting character in one film to supporting antagonist to major antagonist by her last appearnace, by which point she's trying to build a better world for her son to rule, regardless of Bruce's opposition to her.

Selina, on the other hand, should accidentally start forming something like a serious attachment to Batman only after she figures out who he is and they grudgingly team up a few times because Ra's, Joker, and maybe even Riddler are just a little too dangerous to not finangle their plans. She probably flirts with the first Robin just to get a rise out of the Bats, has a rivalry with Batgirl and is the first person outside of the family to realize the havoc Joker wreaked during his worst rampage when Jason Todd dies and Barbara gets hospitalized.

All other love interests are by and large comedic players who get flabbergasted by Bruce's activities and occasionally frightened when they stumble into Talia's targeting pattern or Bruce and Selina's rap battles.
Quie a few cool ideas in here. Ra's training Bruce in the Nolan movies didn't bother me at all. Having Bruce and Talia involved (and unbeknownst to Bruce,Damien is concieved)prior to his becoming Batman in the next set of films could work nicely.

I'd like to see Batman and Catwoman teaming up against Black Mask,Hush or Two Face namely.

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