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Default Re: Kick Ass 2 announcement coming soon

Originally Posted by flickchick85 View Post
I enjoy Thor well enough, I just prefer all the other MCU movies except IM2 and TIH more.
You almost got me there, I prefer it over IM2, TIH and CA, So agreed, basically.

While I didn't love it, I did like Hulk better than TIH, and looking at that TIH vs. Hulk thread, it would appear you're far from alone.

I don't know if he ever declared a preference, but he gave it the same star rating (3/4) as he gave X2. But that is the highest rating he's given any of them, so it wouldn't surprise me.
I think I read something..but I forget where, and it's been a while. But yeah he's, for my taste.

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Raimi or not, it's absolutely hilarious how much Sony realizes they screwed the pooch.
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