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Default Re: The Batman Movie Discussion Thread

Went away after TDKR, been checking out MOS, but now I'm back (let's be honest, I just can't stay away) because, well...he's Batman. Here are my speculative thoughts about where the franchise as a whole can progress beyond Nolan.

I honestly think the best route to take from here on out is just a series of well-done, individual Batman movies. Take it in different directions i.e., psychological thrillers, detective stories, Batman from an "urban myth" perspective, whatever works, but just let each filmmaker make their own take on a facet of Batman's mythos.

A little too abstract?

Look at the James Bond series. I mean, seriously, what better example could I give? Good or bad it works, because (for the vast, VAST majority) Bond films are separate and unique unto themselves despite sharing the same cinematic "universe" or "canon". It allows them to be distinct yet comparative, which is what we get in comics, different artist's takes on the same character. This has crazy potential to make villains like Clayface and Mad Hatter, and even Azrael work for the screen.

Hell I'd love to see a two film adaptation of Jason Todd's death and return as the Red Hood. I think for a standalone Batman trilogy it would be pretty groundbreaking as well as genre-bending, just condense the whole Jason Todd Robin story from its beginning's to his death (part one) and then his return and confrontation with Bruce (part two). They could use villains like Black Mask and Joker and Ra's al Ghul, and cover a great hero-to-villain arc (way better than the SW Prequels, that's for sure).

Anyway, [/ramble]

Goodnight, folks.

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