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Default Re: The Official Batman & Robin Thread

Originally Posted by kewlmatto View Post
Yes she did, although she wasn't given much.

Her main costume is great though...

Shame about the red one - it falls too far into drag-queen territory...

I don't mind the mod-suit one... It looks very 1960s Britain. I can imagine it in the Adam West show or even Austin Powers.

I remember reading so much about how incredibly coveted the Poison Ivy role was back when I was about 12...there were so many big-name actresses attached when B&R was in development - Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts are the ones I can remember.

In retrospect it seems crazy people fighting to get into this film.

I hope one day Poison Ivy gets her moment in a Batman film. She can be a great character when she is used correctly, and not just for T&A appeal.

I love her Birds of Prey costume - still seductive, but not practically nude...
That last one reminds me of the B&R action figure which IIRC was inspired by concept art----like the Batgirl figure with a cowl---I think thats what hurt B&R Batgirl the most for me, no cowl.

What they did with Posion Ivy, reminds me of my feelings towards Riddler in BF...too many costume changes---both are introduced in costumes almost exactly to there comic counterparts (Riddler meeting Two-Face, and Poison Ivy @ the Jungle Ball) and I wish they stuck with those for the remainder of their films.

side note: From Burton to Schumacher to Nolan, I think one thing all the films did great were the villains---even if Jim Carrey gets on my nerves a bit in BF.

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