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Default Re: The Batman Movie Discussion Thread

Style and Portrayal of Gotham and Batman: I'm a post-Crisis Batman fan, so I'm of the opinion we get to see more of Batman as the veteran campaigner and mentor. In this world, Batman's M.O. is justified by the higher caliber and power threshhold of his enemies, who actually do include some straight up heavy hitters. As such, he is usually equipped in "light" gear for tackling more usual threats but a heavy duty Batmobile that hold his heavier arsenal. Batman has a feared reputation in the criminal underworld, which is split between the "freaks" and the "sneaks" (regular criminals, but with a slight edge of ambition and daring since they operate in Gotham). Despite this, the number one nightmare in Gotham is the Joker, who is whisperingly referred to as "the clown" in the same way Batman is "the Bat." Gotham itself is half-gothic landscape and hyper modern fiefdom of technology, with large parts of the metropolitan area insulated and isolated in their culture (Old Gotham vs the East End vs Crime Alley vs. the Narrows vs. the Glades). Each film has a theme in a manner similar to the Batman films, but the overall tone is much more sci-fi.

And I figure you approach the series in phases, more coordinated than the different Bond eras. So you introduce the fist three Robins in costume in one series of four films with an experienced Batman, see if they can spin off any of their own movies. Than, at the same time as the rest of the DC movies, you introduce new actors for a sequel series so you can reinvigorate the franchise for a few films.

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