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Default Re: "I am Doom...What Gods Dare Stand Against Me"---The official Dr. Doom Thread

Originally Posted by Kelly View Post
Because to fans of the original comics, that isn't the origin. I can see where you are coming from, but it wouldn't make the fanboys very happy.
Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
Then screw the fanboys. On a very real level, they don't matter. A movie lives or dies on how well the general audience embraces it.

Besides which, the purists will hate the movie regardless, simply because of the inevitable changes in adaptation.
Um. Yeah. I'm with meta on this one. I'm actually thoroughly surprised you even feel that way Kelly. Their goal first and foremost should be to make a great film, not an accurate film. Stan Lee's writing in his early days is not for everyone. Just like Nolan and the MCU, they need to make an adaptation that is entertaining and faithful (not identical) to the comics.

If they do a story about exploring an anomaly in space and the conflict arises when Skrulls attack. I'm okay with that.

If they combine the origin with exploring the Negative Zone and encountering Annihilus (similar to Ultimate) thats fine too.

Just so long as the movie is well written, acted and directed.

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