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Default Re: Plan out the sequels to Amazing Spider-Man

Rhino, Electro, possibly Harry
Key Plot Points:
-Peter has been Spidey for a couple months now and is preparing for graduation
-Harry is introduced as Peter's old friend in the same way Brock was from the Ultimate comics
-Peter learns more about what happened to his parents and their relationship to Norman through Harry
-The symbiote is introduced as an organic suit made from Richard Parker and Norman's DNA which was meant to help cure Norman of his illness. It did not work as the organism did not accept their DNA. We see a scene of Peter and Harry discovering it similar to the Ultimate comics of Brock and Peter
-Betty Brant is introduced but we don't see Peter actually start working at the Bugle
-MJ and her father move next door to Peter and he puts off meeting her a few times but she shows up at his door step. She is more similar to her Ultimate portrayal than 616. She ends up going to Peter's high school.
-Rhino will be the result of stolen tech from Oscorp possibly related to Max Dillon's research, and Dillon will help Spidey defeat Rhino
-Dillon somehow gets involved in a bioengineering experiment, possibly because of Rathsa, which results in him gaining his powers
-Peter's suit gets destroyed fighting Electro and he has to make a new one which will look more like the classic suit, the rationale will be a suit which can conduct electricity and a pair of new lenses that will protect his eyes. He will also develop new webshooters and fluid that are better equipped to take on lightning
-We eventually learn that Norman was just using Electro to get a sample of Peter's DNA
-Gwen will be the typical love interest support while all this is going on and may help him figure out a strategy to defeat Electro
-Peter, Gwen, and MJ graduate at the end of the film
-Adrian Toomes is introduced

Vulture, Harry, Norman (both Goblins)
Key Plot Points:
-Film starts out with Peter, Gwen, MJ, and Harry attending ESU. It has been about a year since he's become Spider-Man
-Peter finally starts working at the Daily Bugle as a web master for their website on top of providing pictures of Spider-Man
-Gwen and MJ are pretty much best friends but we see that MJ and Peter have a lot in common. Him and Gwen are still going strong though
-Harry and MJ are dating
-Peter meets Norman in this film
-Vulture will be relatively minor villain and will be used by Norman for his anti gravity technology
-Norman and his head scientist Otto Octavius are using Peter's DNA to perfect the symbiote: they call the formula this creates OZ
-Harry gets involved somehow and drinks to the OZ formula. This turns Harry into the first Goblin.
-Due to the OZ, Harry has become increasingly ill-tempered and violent, which results in MJ breaking up with him
-Peter defeats Harry, but Goblin shows up again, confusing Peter and making him think it's Harry again
-Due to the OZ making Norman insane, he targets Peter's loved ones. He ends up killing Gwen
-This sends Peter into a rage which results in Norman's death
-We see MJ console Peter at the end and they grow closer, thus beginning their budding romance

The Spectacular Spider-Man trilogy:
This will be the symbiote trilogy. The symbiote will bond with Peter and he will wear the black suit for two films before taking it off at the end of the second. I say go this route because it would be a nice way of adapting the fact that in the comics Peter wore the symbiote for four years worth of issues. We'll see him become edgier and edgier throughout the two films. This trilogy will also use Doc Ock and the Sinister Six as villains. Doc Ock is introduced in the first film, and then he becomes the Master Planner and assembles the Sinister Six in the second. In the third film we get a full Venom movie, dedicated entirely to Venom vs. Spidey. Black Cat will also be introduced during this.

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