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Default Re: Arrow General Discussion Thread - Part 4

Originally Posted by Midnight Black View Post
This keeps the show fresh and moving IMO and I'm enjoying this formula. I mean we have really received a lot of characters thus far good & bad and I honestly do not feel overwhelmed or that the show is crowded.
On the flip side, it does tie the show down and potentially restricts them further down the line should the actors be unavailable or choose not to reprise their role in future episodes/seasons.

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
I don't know...because it makes sense. We have no reason to believe they won't so until that it's clear he won't be hooding up I'm going under the assumption he'll become Red Arrow.
Well, the same could be said about Thea when she was first introduced (rhymes with Mia, nicknamed Speedy, has archery skills...). The main evidence in favour of Roy Harper getting involved in Oliver's activities is that the show didn't have to introduce that specific character/name yet they chose to. But again, similar hints were dropped for Thea too and that doesn't look like it's coming to fruition anytime soon.

But in the event that they do, I suspect he - like Oliver - probably won't go by a specific "code name". But in the event he does, it would probably be "Arsenal" so as not to mix him and Oliver up (since the latter is (Green) Arrow).

And while we're in the realm of over-speculation, if Roy Harper becomes Arsenal and continues to be Thea's s/o, might this mean the possibility of Thea becoming Cheshire could be in the books? Willa Holland's smile always reminded me of a cat for some reason.

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