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I think I may have hastely said destroyed the franchise but what I meant was if it flopped after Batman & Robin did it could've destroyed comic book movies before they even really got out of the starting blocks. But we'll never know, I have to admit this has to be the most interesting of the Superman projects that didn't make it to the screen. I did like the first half of Dan Gilroys script.

I actually said unknown or not as well known which Henry Cavill is the latter, most people I know still don't know who he is. We'll have to agree to disagree but if you cast a star as Superman I think you only see the actor.

I actually liked Superman Doomsday but I totally get your points about it. I wouldn't have had a problem with the animation if they'd have gotten Daly or Newbern in because Superman looked so much like the DCAU Superman, it just seemed weird having that animation with Adam Baldwin's voice. There's bits of it I liked and bits I didn't, the film really does go downhill after Superman vs Doomsday but at least the Kevin Smith Giant Spider cameo was funny.

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