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Default Re: "Romeo & Juliet Return?": The Official Jean Grey/Cyclops Debate

Originally Posted by SterlingDee View Post
I'm going to have to rewatch X2. It's my favourite X-men movie but in terms of the ensemble, I remember Rogue, Prof X, Storm, Cyclops (as usual) being shortchanged. But Iceman, Pyro, and Jean did get more.

And I disagree about Famke - she probably got her best material of all in X3 (playing what is essentially a schizophrenic character and taking out Prof X). She does so many "turns" in the med lab scene with Logan that I'm sure Famke must have been satisfied with it. The problem is that her character turned catatonic in the second act after setting Phoenix up as a significant character.

Yes, Kitty doesn't have a storyline, but she still has more to do than the previous incarnations of Kitty in X1 & X2. Storm's role is of absolutely no substance in X3, but we at least get a bit more of her personality.

Definitely not arguing that I like X3 though, but I do feel it was more of an ensemble movie.
Definitely do rewatch. It surprised me how many good little character moments the characters actually received especially Storm, whose scene with Nightcrawler alone, is more significant and telling than any of the screentime lavished on her in X3. And Rogue certainly gets better material in X2, when X3 amounts to her seeing Iceman/Kitty, deciding to get a cure, and coming back cured - which is a slap in the face to her journey.

See, I can't agree that she got better material/a better character arc when, as you say yourself, she turns catatonic. Yes, she may have got more of a chance to have some proper dramatic scenes near the start of that film, but they did very little justice to the character of Jean/Phoenix herself. She may not have got the chance to play a schizophrenic character in X2, but she certainly plays a more rounded, well written one with a proper journey.

Shadowcat was never intended as anything more than a cameo in X1 and X2, so her situation isn't comparable. They still let her down in X3, at a point where they should have been properly introducing her to the core team.

I do agree that Cyclops and Professor X, were shortchanged in X2. But I'd say the same of both in X3 too. Prof X may have got a 'spectacle moment' with Jean but it's a very lacking role IMO.

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