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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 3

Originally Posted by wobbly View Post
He may be referring to the Mind Swap form of time travel used in the books. It's not what we'd normally consider as Time Travel as nothing physical moves in time, but rather the consciousness of one individual is 'displaced' to an earlier version of themselves (this form of travel would be more "steeped in the X-Men Mythos" as Singer states, being that it was used in the original DOFP story).

If that is the case then they seem a bit limited as to which of them can be the traveller (most of the future X-Men won't have been born yet). Wolverine (please no...) Xavier, Magneto, Beast & Mystique are the only viable ones I can think of atm (well, other First Classers might still be alive in the future, but until we get casting news on that the aforementioned seem like the only ones).
I really hope if it's mind dis/replacement it's not Xavier or Magneto, or even Raven! They've got their own stories to tell, I'd way rather see how they've changed and grown over the 10 year gap than see these young actors play the older versions of themselves. Especially Charles. Old man Xavier is so painfully dull it makes my teeth ache just thinking about it. And while Old Mags is interesting in his weary vengeance, I'm more interested in young Magneto's rage and figuring out his role as a leader. Raven should be left alone because we've got to see what it is that makes her go so cold on Charles, and while it could be argued that OldRaven inhabits her and never leaves, that still doesn't explain why she hates her brother!!

If the FC crew get to keep their minds and say, Charles gets a second voice in his head courtesy of OldXavier, THAT I'd be okay with. But for goddsake let the FC characters actually BE the FC characters. That's what most of the people going to see this movie will be going to see it for. I know people on this board are going to fight me on that comment because everyone here loves X1-2 oh-so-much and can't fathom that anyone could possibly be EXCITED by a FIRST CLASS sequel more than X4. But it's true. Normal moviegoers who aren't paying attention to news on this flick know that there's a "First Class sequel" coming and are excited to see it. Most people don't know that it's DOFP, or even that any of the old cast is going to be in it. And those most people, the ones who aren't paying attention to the news and will only learn these things with the first trailer, are the ones who are going to make the difference at the box office. Just saying.

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