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Default Re: The Natalie Portman/Jane Foster Thread

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
well Thor did hit Sif in the Simonson run too, but also special case, he was crazy with love for Lorelei due to a spell, and I think Sif was attacking her as well (can't recall for sure on that part). Sif was pretty PO about it! She's definitely one to hold a grudge!
I think Sif confronted Lorelei about this love potion business and struck her. Lorelei said something like, "Thor, she hurt me! Hurt her back!"

And I have to say, I'm with Sif on being hesitant about putting the incident behind her.

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
Well, knowing that, I'm less bothered by that then what I see in these panels here with Reed and Susan. Sheesh. It's called mental abuse. If I were her brother I'd shoot flames up his ***! I now feel bad as I found Susan annoying in the films, and liked Reed better. Certainly had I read the comics beforehand that would not have been the case!

Just goes to show, they can write or rewrite any way they want to fit the films and modernize the relationships. And thank goodness for that!!!
I'm reading JMS' _Thor Omnibus_ right now. It starts with two issues from the Fantastic Four (because of some plot tie-ins). FWIW, Reed and Sue are not depicted as they are in the panels Incredible Hans posted. Now, aside from one panel where they are holding hands, they are not particularly tender toward one another (though to be fair, fighting Doom kind of puts a damper on things.) But it's certainly not the mental abuse situation of these earlier panels.

So yes, they can and have improved treatment of characters. And I agree, thank goodness for that!

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