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Default Re: Kick Ass 2 announcement coming soon

Originally Posted by addison81 View Post
Anyone get the feeling if this is good people will say it's because Vaughn was hands on,and if it's bad people will blame Wadlow? Hope not , im fan of Matthew Vaughn but if Wadlow pulls this off he deserves a break.
Nah, this isn't a Snyder/Nolan situation, where the studio is trying to associate it with Vaughn as much as possible. Wadlow is the director AND writer on this, and Vaughn left it to him because he straight-up didn't have time for it. It will be pretty much impossible for anyone to deny that this is Wadlow's movie.

Originally Posted by tieuti View Post
I really hope this happens
...It's already happening. It's got a June release with a trailer that should be out any day now.

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