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Default Re: New characters you want to see in the First Class sequel?

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
Here are problems they have.with Origins and Last Stand not being outright Ignored It's probelmatic trying to bring In teenage versions of Cyclops,Jean Grey,and Storm.

Polaris who would be logicil step of characters not used In films has problems.First off she Is Magneto's daughter and has similar powers.It would be stretch imaging Michael Fassbender with grown daughter,and kinda har to Introduce character who same powers as Magneto and have no connection to Magneto.

If you think Havok and Banshee are c list characters then any others not yet used would be D list.

You can defently assume from Bryan Singer's latest Interview that

Majority of film takes place In 1973 11 years after first class

The future scenes are likely Original trilogy actors and sentinles.

Any new characters are In 1973 scenes

The Time Travel will likely be like Comic and be a mind swap
There are other X-men characters who aren't d list. Bishop comes to mind. There is Cable, but he might be a little tough to work into this film. I wouldn't be shocked if he brought in Dazzler since he is interested in the character. I disagree about the mind swap because that would mean it would have to be Xavier, which I am not a fan of doing. I still suspect some type of time travel power. I wouldn't be shocked to see several characters go to the past with Shadowcat being one of them.

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