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Default Re: New characters you want to see in the First Class sequel?

Originally Posted by Duran Man View Post
If they're able to create some explanation for it, then Scott, Jean, and Ororo would be great for the 70s team. If not, Polaris and Sunfire would be great as well. If the father-daughter connection between Erik and Lorna is maintained, it doesn't have to be dealt with in this film. Perhaps it could be hinted at, but it could be properly dealt with in a subsequent film.
Id LOVE that. stuff like this would actually EXPAND the universe Millar and Singer have been talking.

They dont need to tell the audience that they are related, just to show Erik kind of surprised with her having the same power and having his doubts, same as Xavier. That wont need more than 10 seconds to each leader. And the next sequel could finally adress it. Even if Polaris is not exactly his daugther, but just an old lover daugther.

I doubt Singer introduces Polaris, but if she is announced in the next weeks, Im gonna get even more excited wont have hopes, tho.

Sunfire would be amazing too. To have Havok, Banshee and Sunfire on the same movie would be a BIG nod to early comics. again, I dont have hopes, lol

I have the feeling Singer will add a random mutant, from the 90's or 00's. but we'll see. Hope to be wrong.

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