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Default Re: New characters you want to see in the First Class sequel?

Originally Posted by laytonc32 View Post
There are other X-men characters who aren't d list. Bishop comes to mind. There is Cable, but he might be a little tough to work into this film. I wouldn't be shocked if he brought in Dazzler since he is interested in the character. I disagree about the mind swap because that would mean it would have to be Xavier, which I am not a fan of doing. I still suspect some type of time travel power. I wouldn't be shocked to see several characters go to the past with Shadowcat being one of them.
If you call Havok and Banshee C list characters what do you call Bishop.Cable Is mostly a other X Universe character.He has rarely been an X-Man.

It's fairly obvious a familar character from Original trilogy will be time traveler.
That takes Bishop out.

Dazzler was only a X_Man for short time.Havok and Banshee have more history In X-Men than Dazzler.

Bryan Singer has been hinting at them using mind swap.That means Xavier or Wolverine or less likely Mystique.

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