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Default Re: Do you think Fox will/should make a Silver Surfer film?

Originally Posted by blalex620 View Post
Starting next year we're likely to 4 Marvel films each year throughout the different studios and then add if WB gets there **** together that's 5-6 blockbuster superhero films a year Even if Marvel did get all their properties back they know they wouldn't be able to make more than 3 maybe 4 films a year (if WB is making SH films too) lest they run the risk of over saturating the market
I'm glad you brought up WB.

They've got all their eggs in one basket and choose to twiddle their thumbs. Marvel Studios make an average of 2 solid films a year and people are acting like they're WB/DC when they've been nothing but the opposite.

Here's the thing...with Ghost Rider floping and Venom in devlopment hell you'll be lucky to even seen a Marvel film from Sony every 2-3 years.

FOX is on borrowed time. If their movies continue to under-perform then all you'll get from them is more talk from Singer, Millar and Donnor about what they might do instead of actually doing it! Funny thing is that FOX has 13 year in the game and have never done more than one film a year. (If that!)

To be be fair I'm not really that cross with Sony's Spider-man (still wont watch it theaters though) but FOX/Marvel has to go!

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