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Default Re: Plan out the sequels to Amazing Spider-Man

Originally Posted by pr0xyt0xin View Post
You are free to speculate, but you have no basis for claiming they are "flying by the seat of their pants." The only official statement on the amount of films has been that it will be at least a trilogy. Other than that you have no clue how much of the series they have or have not written, or how well it was written. If you want to believe that a character arc literally cannot be done in 3 films thats your prerogative (I happen to agree when it comes to Peter/Spidey but not Gwen Stacy, for her three films is plenty). If you want to believe a film series can't successfully kill off a main character in the third film, also your prerogative.

But your argument about the production team not knowing what they are doing is quite inane. Unless you are involved in the production, which i doubt.

This is not only a far more optimistic/positive outlook on the franchise but also quite a bit more reasonable. I also hope the quality improves. I believe they are off to a great start, and they should keep it up.

I won't complain about recasting minor roles, I'd prefer them at least get through Oscorp before recasting any major roles (which so far I hope they do not do)

I'm not involved in production and never claimed to be(?) I'm speculating and judging by the sloppy, thrown-together final product we got, which was ASM. This movie showed me that they don't seem to know what they're doing or how to go about it despite all the buzzwords and propaganda that the studio throws out to make the fanboys drool. So my speculations aren't baseless.
At this point, I'm wary of any propaganda that someone like Avi Arad spews out about how wonderful their product is. So while I may be a bit premature, it's no different from the premature speculations of the overly optimistic fanboys excitedly speculating that there will be six + movies with the sinister six and carnage, blah blah blah, etc...

The franchise is off to an OK start. But yeah, I want to be optimistic. Just because I'm critical of ASM, doesn't mean I don't want this series to be successful.

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