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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 8

Originally Posted by Crimson King View Post
Killian is no Brainiac. Even if they make him Scientist Supreme, he's no Brainiac. They're not even in the same ballpark.
Killian is no Mad Hatter, either, nor Mandarin The Joker; but you made the comparison. I made a more apt analogy: one of a powerful, arrogant, resourceful villainous leader being in a partnership with an evil genius who is infinitely more intelligent than the former; thus, the smarter man manipulates the less smarter man, who is none the wiser for it.

Forget all that, though. Would it make sense to show Luthor as a lackey the first time we're introduced to him in the Superman universe? Who could take him seriously after that? He's Superman's nemesis, just like Mandarin is Tony's, and I have a hard time believing Killian, of all people, would take center stage when Mandarin is around.

I think you're letting your opinion of the Mandarin character skew your view of the plot.
Killian is clearly not even remotely the same character that was in the Extremis comic. Comic-book Killian was a non-entity; just a corpse that started Tony Stark in on a murder mystery. This Killian is someone who is invented purely for the MCU, so Shane Black is free to make him into whomever he wants, however powerful he wants, however important he wants. Comic-book Mandarin has a long history with Iron Man, yes; but it's a history that Marvel prefers to sweep under the rug due to the blatant racist overtones. He's a Silver Age embarrassment, and even modern revamps have just moved the racism to less overt avenues --- i.e., let's make him a Triad crimelord instead (as if that's somehow less offensive). I'd be willing to bet that Marvel Studios has no intention of seeing either Killian or Mandarin return for future movies, and both will suffer the usual (mortal) fate of Iron Man villains.

It is what it is. Neither Mandarin nor Killian remotely reference their comic-book counterparts. They are both INOs, so Black can play them however he likes.


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