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Originally Posted by Binker View Post
I'm surprised theMan-Bat isn't into MOS. I'am, and it's because of the new blood being injected in the Superman film franchise. Sure, it's Zod, but it's not like they can't do anything new to that character (and Luthor later on), and I can see Nolan/Goyer/Synder turning him (if the "Earth into New Krypton" is true, which seems to be because of Black Zero) into someone who is doing all of this because he wants his home back, maybe because he failed back then and wants to "undo his sins". Plus, there's robots, and a Superman who is so alienated and isolated, and later has to prove himself to the army and a world that doesn't trust him; all of which is relatable and realistic, because that's what would happen if Superman existed. That's new.

Now, what does that say for me and Superman Lives and Flyby; it's not like those were bad movies in the making, but more work had to be done, though a little for one and a little more for the other. What I mean is: I did a quick read on Strick's script, while I read Gilroy's (though it's been a while), and one thing that I noticed was that it seemed both needed each other: one had great ideas, but also had flaws; the other fixed those flaws, but had it's own that the first one didn't have. Which meant, for me, there needed to be a third script that combined the two and kept what was good in both and completely fixed what wasn't. Which is ironic, given that Gilroy was brought in as a script doctor. While Flyby had a much better second draft, still had the Krypton being alive which I wasn't against, but should've been saved for the sequels to that.

Also, and maybe someone has already realized this, but Lives and Flyby didn't really "die"; their influences appeared in Returns, Smallville, and MOS. You can probably figure out what.
Great post, agree 100%

I really cannot wait for Man of Steel, it looks like the Superman film I've been waiting for

"Always hold on to Smallville" - Jonathan Kent (Smallville S10x22 - Finale)
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