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Th Cool Re: Who saw the original movie in theaters?

Originally Posted by Hordakfan View Post
I did when i was 8 years old as i recalled the year prior to it's release i heard on Starlog and Comicscene earlier in january of 89 at 7 that a movie was in the works, i was excited then later in december of that year i was shocked by seeing a photo of Leonardo in live-action. I remembered seeing Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 in theaters i saw the teaser to this movie and i was like "Wow, that looks awesome".

I saw it opening day when i lived in San Diego and WOW, what a movie. I saw it 4 times and loved it as i had and still own the CD soundtrack and had the cards, t-shirts, Burger King stuff and archie adaptation. I thought it was a great adaptation of the comics which i had read since i was 6 but fused it with the cartoon at the time.
I saw it opening weekend in San Diego as well LOL! It was on a Sunday and it was raining that afternoon. Boy was it packed, besides watching Robocop 2 in a crowded theater I feel the experience with the 1st TMNT movie was something to witness because it was very crowded with kids and parents, I can still picture the image in my head of a line wrapping around the theater with their umbrellas (it was raining) I was 7 at the time. Me and my family saw the flick at the now demolished Mann's Grove theater off of college station...saw a lot of great movies there. I remember my mother telling when I got home from school the Friday it came out we were gonna see it that Saturday but they were sold out. To this day, I still remember the smell and taste of nachos I had lol! I'll never forget the poster in the lobby (the one with all of them peeking from the manhole cover. The merchandise was crazy, I distinctly remember the Burger King tie-in's. Any-who, I saw the 2nd one in theaters when it released during spring break, my mom rented the 3rd one when it came out, I remember the kids in my class telling me it wasn't good because of the lack of shredder and foot soldiers.

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