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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 2

Originally Posted by tvor03 View Post
As one of those conservative people (not redneck, though I know many), I can tell you that we didn't give two ****s about Django killing white people. Big deal. Every conservative I know saw the movie and enjoyed it. Same with Avatar (though most people I know didn't enjoy that, it had nothing do with politics and more with a lame story).

We've accepted long ago that Hollywood has a far-left bias. It doesn't stop us from going to the movies. I'm sure most liberals still enjoyed The Dark Knight despite it's perceived right-wing messages.
i did but i didn't see as much of a right wing message as you might have. it's not like Bruce was solving all of his problems with a shotgun or telling gay criminals that they are going to hell. i don't remember much organized religion; unless you count the league of shadows (who were very tough on crime). Bruce was quite charitable with his fortune. he kind of lost track of where his money was going, as well; leading to an orphanage being underfunded. his dad (the saint) built that train for the lower income folks. he seemed to be against Harvey Dent's enhanced interrogation. the convicts on the boat weren't portrayed as savage animals. etc.

even when he was spying on the people of Gotham to find the Joker (in an incredibly unrealistic scene), wise old Lucius was shown to express disapproval. he also made that comment about the safety of soldiers not being worth the cost of the body armor to the big money types. and all of Batman's violence in that first movie just led to escalation and, eventually, him being retired.

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