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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part

Random thought.

Has anyone seen the animated DVD "Thor: Tales of Asgard?" No? Just me? Consider yourselves lucky, then.

Granted, it's a piece of teenage drivel and duller than a 50-year old pocket knife, but one thing interested me: its depiction of Algrim. In this story, Algrim is the sole survivor of the Dark Elf race, which was wiped out by Frost Giants long ago. Algrim was granted asylum in Asgard by Odin, and became his most trusted advisor. (He later betrays that trust, but not by turning into Kurse as you'd expect; and his motives are nothing like the comic books. But interesting.)

Anyway, I just wondered if there's a possibility in this film that Algrim will play a similar role --- i.e., a trusted friend and advisor to Odin. Long shot, I know, but it would offer an alternative take on why AAA had scenes with Hopkins and Russo, above and beyond the rumored death scene there. It would also give Algrim a simpler reason for being with the Asgardian royal couple other than a full-scale invasion or infiltration of the palace --- i.e., friend, not enemy. And it might give AAA more screen time.


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