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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters: Official Discussion - Part 7

Originally Posted by frankusho View Post
I just got my two 3-packs in the mail from They arrived in excellent condition.

They were shipped in a large box with plenty of plastic air bubbles.
Originally Posted by Aron9692003 View Post
I want to leave mine in the package, I wish the backgrounds were behind them already, looks like its just brown cardboard haha
Me too. I was wondering how they were going to ship this set as it's not your standard box shape.

Agree with the post about the background inside. Instead of the plain cardboard they could have used something else to view through the window.

Some stores here got a case of 3. I found 2 on a shelf after I ordered 1 online. They had a buy one get one 40% off again but it only applied to DC Batman, not the Mattel MM 3-pack. Funny...I thought they were 1 and the same.

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