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Default Re: The Season 5 Discussion Thread

My apologies for the double post.

Spoilers follow!

I decided to take advantage of the early airing in Canada, kick ass episode! Loads of mystery and intrigue going on. If the person setting Ahsoka up isn't a new character, my money's on her friend, the green skinned girl whose name escapes me. She told Ahsoka to go there and didn't really give a straight answer when asked how she got the location of the warehouse. Also, she was questioning the Jedi order and their ways after the funeral. Unsure of her motives though?

It was cool to see Ventress again, I really like the character now. When she first appeared she seemed like a generic Sith, but after all that business with Night Witches and getting betrayed by Dooku, now running around as a bounty hunter? Very cool. I wonder if Dooku does have a new apprentice?

Seems like the plot is to frame Ahsoka, so kill her...can't wait to find out what the deal is. Hopefully there will be some answers next week but the way this story arc is going it feels like it might end on a cliff hanger!

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