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Default Re: The Captain America/Chris Evans Thread - Part 2

I wonder how the Marvel (and Captain America fans would have reacted) for this hypothetical scenario -

Consider that Avengers movie begins with flashback showing SHIELD agents discovering Captain America's body frozen under ice, he is still alive but his pulse is very slow, they try to revive him and succeed, Captain America is awakened into 21 st century America, he wants to know more about what happened in the WW2, he asks about Bucky's family, he gets the information that Bucky's Grandson is living in NY, and that he has joined the armed forces.

Captain America (Steve Rogers) is a man who finds himself old fashioned, the world has changed, he feels alienated, he thinks - "this is not my time".

Captain America gives his blood sample to SHIELD agents, who hope that their team of scientists and researchers will somehow find the Super Solider serum again by the process or reverse engineering.

Captain meets Bucky's grandson who is named as James Buchanan Jr is delighted to see his idol and hero, Cap. is also impressed by him he learns that he has served the Army in many places throughout the world.

Steve Rogers meets Nick Fury and expresses that he is not interested to be Captain America again as the war has ended and he too wants to live in peace and he wants to retire, but that he will continue to work for the SHIELD till a suitable replacement is found.

Nick Fury tells Steve Rogers the good news that they have been successful in the efforts to re-engineer the Super Solider Serum, but there is problem, that it is need to be given to anyone willing within 20 minutes of its manufacture and that it could be successful or it may kill the recipient.

James Buchanan Jr (Bucky's grandson) volunteers himself, and Steve Rogers is not happy about it but then he too agrees. The super solider serum is injected successfully.

Steve Rogers decides to trains him, after completing his training, James Buchanan Jr becomes the new Captain America.

Soon Nick Fury declares forming a new team of Superheroes and the new Captain America is included in the team.

Steve Rogers spends his vacation in a cafe in Italy watching the new Avengers announcement.

I wrote this hypothetical scenario because I wanted to know how would Cap. America fans would have reacted if Marvel had gone this route.

Since many fans know that there is still a chance that new Batman in a Justice League movie may be portrayed by John Blake (Joseph Gordon Levitt ).

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