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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters: Official Discussion - Part 7

Originally Posted by Aron9692003 View Post
Guys, I can't believe it haha, I got a mint Jim Gordon in package for $60 in a bid on eBay, felt bad paying that much since originally probably $20 with tax, but better than paying 100-250 like all the other listings, I now have all 7. Asked him to package it well, can't wait to receive it.
Yeah, couldn't believe Gordon was $100+ the week after X-mas. Insane! Glad his price is coming back down.

Originally Posted by Aron9692003 View Post
I try to find what I can in store so can see packaging but I need the 1:64 hot wheels bat, the hot wheels batman batcycle speed cycle, the wave of 1:50 cars with the bat, the wave after that. Need 5 more batman legacy figures to complete my collection from 2011-2012. I probably won't get all the man of steel figures, really like the movie masters packaging, but want to see how many and what characters first. Also looking forward to the 1960s batman toys.
As far as what's next after TDK, New 52, and DC Unlimited, like another 'Hyper said, the 1960's Batman stuff will be out soon, along with MM 6" Superman figs (do they come with pieces to build the Daily Planet...hahaha).

Is anyone getting the 1/4 scale figs from Neca? The are also making a HW 1:43 scale Lambo from TDK (Bruce Wayne's car).

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