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Default Re: NOW which film is your favourite??

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
With looking back at all three films, I find them all perfect in their own ways, just missing a few ingredients(yes, even TDK). More specifically, for BB and TDK, I feel that someone else should've been cast as Rachel. TDKR needed to focus more on Batman's first return such as having some media frenzy or what have you...and overall, Scarecrow should have been more threatening in all of his appearances.
Pretty much agree with your points. Rachel should have been a different actress, don't know who. But if you watch Holmes in BB and gylenahl (spelling) in TDK they both have the weakest performances in those films. I didn't buy into Rachel in BB, and I certainly felt no sympathy or emotion when she died in TDK.

TDKR could of done a bit more like dark knight returns with showing the effect batman returning had. The negativity of him returning from some people's perspective and all that. Dark knight returns did that well.

And yes scarecrow could have been more threatening and I think should have looked more scarecrow like with each appearance. Starting off in BB with jut the mask, then in TDK he should have upgraded the mask plus some really ragged clothes with straw hanging out. And in TDKR even more so with fully ripped and torn clothes, even more straw and the mask. Perhaps even spraying his fear toxin in the faces of those being judged in his court. Bane certainly wouldn't mind that I don't think. Imagine them walking out on that ice, hallucinating. Nice little touch IMO.

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