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Default Re: (500) Days of Waiting for "The Amazing Spider-Man 2"

Originally Posted by spidey99 View Post
Nope, was a good issue. I miss the days of buying these great, done in one kind of issues. Lets see... 1985, I was in the Air Force, and was picking up my comics at the BX (base Exchange) or at the 7-11 stores. Good story, great art, and took longer than 5 minutes to read. Nothing boring at all about these issues. Granted, I drank a lot back then, so I was easily amused... but there was no internet. B-)

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Every issue with Dominic Fortune as a guest star is dull, for some reason he sucks the fun out of things
Shocker is great, and the art of great late Jim Mooney is as great as you said

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