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Let me get this off my chest: I've never played Crysis or Crysis 2, but decided to buy Crysis 3 because I have been tempted in the past by the pretty visuals & fast pace to buy the previous ones when they were out.

I'd also like to say I've been playing first person shooters for the best part of nearly 15 years, only really playing realistic shooters. What I mean by this is real guns, equipment etc. The only exception would be Black Ops 2 perhaps however it is somewhat loosely realistic given that most of the weapons were based of something in development.

However this game frustrates the hell out of me. The sheer amount of bullets it takes to put someone down in this game feels ridiculous. Yet when I watch killcams of people killing me, it seems like I'm killed as easily as I would be in any other game. Unless I am doing something wrong with the max armour, the cloaking & the sprinting.

I use max armour when I'm being shot at or I'd use it right when I feel I am about to encounter enemy. Yet my max armour seems ineffective in comparison to how other people's suit s seem to behave.

Are there upgrades for the suit I need to have in place? The amount of times I've planted maybe 10 shots into someones back only for them to turn round & one shot me is starting to irritate me immensely. It's not like I am missing or am a bad shot, because according to the in-game stats my accuracy is 18% which is what it is in the likes of BF3/MW3/BO2/Bad Company etc which on the PC is good so it's not like I am missing people.

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