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Default Re: Web shooter shop class - Part 2

Hey everyone, sorry for being out for a while, my computer was having some issues that I had to get sorted. The next chance I get I'm going to check for springs at home depot. They might have the tube I need also. Wadaltmon, I'm liking the pictures! Unfortunately my absence online was also an absence of me in my workshop, so no further progress has been made. Everything is harder to do when it's cold, I hate it. But it's just a small kink I have to work out, but the physics are solid, I even found out recently that my parent's humidifier has a similar valve to that which I'm constructing for my shooter, so I'm on the right track. And even though its a while off, with my birthday in June, I'm finding some organic chemistry books and things like that so I can spend my summer prepping for AP Chem and actually creating a fluid scientifically. I'll try to put some time in tomorrow, but if not my week isn't too busy.

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