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Default Re: The Season 5 Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Spider-Gnome View Post
Wow! What an episode! So it appears Barris is the one that set up Asoka! I was shocked!

More potential spoilers:

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I knew she might have had sympathies with those that oppose the war. But to set up her own friend? I wonder, since Ventress got mixed up as well, that this is Palpatine behind the scenes, trying to eliminate Ventress as well as Anakin's padawan! Palpatine would have full access to that prison. And this event is already leading a way of distancing the Jedi and giving more control to the military.

And now if the Jedi hold Asoka, even in their own prison, if they do it quietly, will look very bad from the Republic point of view!

Everything shaping up for a great season finale!
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I really hope it's not Palpatine, one of the things the series has been doing well was getting away from Palpatine having these perfect insainly detailed plans. I think the idea that Palpatine knew Ventress would not only find Asoka but help her, is a bit of a stretch. If Palpatines involved it's at most a scheme to get rid of asoka

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