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Default Re: Hans Zimmer Scoring The Man of Steel - Part 1

Originally Posted by BH/HHH View Post
I wouldn't even say reactions, the guy from Latino Review said the execs loved it and one was a rumour that Henry Cavill was replaceable.
Speaking of Mayimbe, he seems to have a problem with Poni who Mayimbe claims talks crap about him behind his back but is eerily quiet in his direct presence. He also mentions that Poni tries to discredit his scoops. It's over on Mayimbe's twitter.

The next time I run into @Poni_Boy I'm going to put serious hurting on him for talking quite a lot of **** about me. The balls on this kid.

In person @poni_boy lacks the balls the he clearly displays behind the keyboard like the **** talking coward that he is.

So since @poni_boy has quite the problem with me, I'm going to solve it for him.

In person, @Poni_Boy is about 5'2" a buck & some change. When he is in my presence, he is eerily quiet around me.

But when @poni_boy gets behind a keyboard, he grows quite the hairy pair, & trolls forums trying to always discredit me & my scoops.

So since he is such an internet tough guy, I'm going to put that the test just like any Spartan King would do.

See the hulk fists in my avatar pic? I'm going to have all sorts of fun using them. :

But this one troll, who again is quiet around me in my presence, spits venom & vitriol consistently. It's been ongoing. I ignored it mostly.

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