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Default Re: "I am Doom...What Gods Dare Stand Against Me"---The official Dr. Doom Thread

Originally Posted by bubbadoom View Post
I have no problem with the FF's origin being told - but that's been done already so move on.

BATMAN BEGINS worked because the origin had NOT been told before. THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN suffered because that story had been told recently enough that it's seemed pointless and repetitive.

I for one do not need to see Reed and Ben meet in college to understand why they are life long friends. The idea of an FF movie wasting even more screen time with them without their powers - and thus NOT the Fantastic Four - seems like a sure way to kill it before it starts. THE X-MEN started with Professor X and company up and running, I see no reason why the FF can not do the same.
To be fair, did that first movie tell that origin well? Frankly that movie is so bad, I think its just best to pretend it doesn't exist.

That being said, I have no problem not covering the origin in the movie and Doom not being involved in the origin or be the main villain in the first movie, but the villain of the first movie needs have an interesting rivalry with the FF and not seem like a lame place holder for Doom.

Here is the problem, Dr. doom is by far the best villain the FF have, the FF rogues gallery has one or two great villains, a few okay ones and then a lot of crappy ones. So if Dr. Doom isn't present and you get a one dimensional, non threatening villain as a place holder, why should the audience care? Sure you are saving Doom for the sequel, but if the first movie is lackluster, why should people return for the sequel? If the villain has no motives or interesting personality and is just there because the movie needs a movie needs a villain, why should anyone care? That's the role many of FF villains are in stuck in, generic villains who exist to get beaten up by the FF, rather then dynamic characters in their own right.

So if Dr. Doom isn't the main villain, he should be a growing threat in the back ground and if the villain is not tied to the origin, they need something that makes their rivalry with the FF interesting.

So yeah it is a good idea to save Dr. Doom for a sequel, but if instead of Doom's epic, Shakespearean back story, we get Mole Man complaining about how he can't get laid, Red Ghost acting like an outdated Cold War stereotype or Wizard acting like a Paris Hilton style attention whore who is miffed that the FF are more famous then he is, then you haven't replaced Doom with a compelling villain who is interesting. You may as well go with Doom, if you don't change some of the villains, a lot, to make them more interesting.

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