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Default Re: "By The Goddess!": The Official Storm Discussion

Continuing from the other thread.

Yes, I think she had a fairly consistent characterization throughout the franchise. She wasn't an entirely different character in each film. Maybe she has a different accent in one of them (X-MEN). But she's just showing different aspects of herself from film to film, all which intersect and overlap and form a more complete picture of her personality.

In X-MEN, she's a quiet, intense warrior who is revealed to have a softer, more compassionate side, and to secretly be a bit afraid of and to harbor some hatred against humans because of their persecution of mutants. She's also a teacher at the school, so one of the extensions of Xavier's dream.

In X2, she's still fairly compassionate, but they also expand on the concept of her fear and anger driving her, with Nightcrawler pointing out that she could have faith in something greater. She's still a teacher at the school.

In X3, she's, again, still somewhat the strong, silent type, but she's now starting to express herself in a full on X-mentorship capacity, in the Danger Room with the younger X-Men, regarding the cure, and with Logan regarding what has happened with Jean and what he needs to do, his role in the team.

In X3, both her and Wolverine's arcs involve them developing into leadership roles. She's more about keeping the focus and teamwork intact, and Wolverine is more the battle-hardened combat leader.

When does she lead in X3?

1. She's one of the leaders in the Danger Room scenario when the film starts. She's trying to teach the students something about defensive maneuvers.

2. During the Danger Room sequence, she's trying to reign Logan in and keep him focused, since he's being a bit of a loose cannon. Trying to foster teamwork. This is a leadership quality.

3. After the Danger Room session, she gives Logan a dressing down over his irresponsibility in the simulation. Again, a leadership move.

4. When the Cure is announced, she speaks up and is the one who voices the fact that they shouldn't feel like there's anything wrong with them.

5. When she and Logan go to Alkali Lake, it is Storm who takes point. She's the one leading them deeper into the mist. Its also Storm who keeps focus when they see what has happened and finds Jean.

6. At Jean's childhood home, when Logan wants to enter the house right away, Storm initially holds him back, deferring to Xavier's earlier orders.

7. I don't really think I need to explain how Storm giving Xavier's eulogy and talking about them carrying on his teachings is her being a leader.

8. Storm is the one who decides they're keeping the school open.

9. Storm confronts Logan when he is leaving to find Jean and tries to get him to understand what they will have to deal with, and, again, to keep him focused on fighting with the team VS his personal crusade. Again, a leadership quality.

10. Storm potentially brings the X-Men together for the final battle, as evidenced by the fact that she's already standing there in costume with them when Logan and Beast join them, when previously it is only Beast and Logan and Storm who knew about Alcatraz. She confronts Logan again before they leave, with the whole "Are you ready to do what you need to do when the time comes" thing, again, being a vocal leader.

11. She pilots the X-Jet into battle. So she's bringing them right into it. She also takes point in the battle, using her powers to intimidate Magneto's army.

12. At the end of the movie, she shows that she was willing to learn from Logan ("the best defense is a good offense").

13. After the battle, she's at the grave with Kitty, in her role as mentor. She's also shown welcoming mutant students to Xavier's institute, again, in the role of mentor.

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