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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part

Originally Posted by crounsa810 View Post
I was just re-watching Thor today, and I took a moment to pause on the pages of the book Selvig picked up at the library. And on doing that, I paused the movie to read the part on Loki.

"Loki was a shape shifter that could turn into anything he wished. He was far more spiteful, cunning and deceitful than the other Gods in Asgard, which often led him into trouble. Trouble would be created because he loved playing mean and deceitful jokes on others. Eventually, he was seen for what he was and was distrusted. His quick wit and honey tongue inevitably caused the Aesir to forgive him which left room for his role in engineering the death of the god Balder."

So could it be that we didn't see Balder in Thor because he's already dead?
I'd say that is one of the logical flaws of the movie.

Selvig's book tells us about Loki's character and what he did to Balder. Where does all that information come from? From the legends of the Vikings.

However, during the Viking age, Loki was still a child! In the movie Thor AND Loki weren't adults during that era. Was Balder killed by Loki when he was still a child? Probably not. Did Thor all the other things the Viking sagas tell us (fighting the giant Hrungnir, disguising as Freya, fishing for the Midgard Serpent) when Thor was a boy? Not very likely.

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