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Default Re: The best Marvel Studio movie

Originally Posted by Stripesy Strip View Post
Story in Thor? lol

Visuals and characters sucked.

The Loki guy had no charisma.

Iron Man pretty much beats every Marvel Studio movies in all departements.

But i'm not saying Iron Man was a masterpiece, far from it. It's just that all the elements from story to acting to directing to the visuals to what we wanted out of the character all came together so well like perfect jigsaw puzzle. The other movies had too many flaws. I like some of the Captain America but there was never a moment where I said "this is Cap!". While on Iron Man I had this huge smile all the way though thinking "this is Tony, this is Iron Man!". When he went back to the middle east with his new armor and started to kick some terrorist ass it was such a great wish fullfillement moment like "this is what a super-hero should be doing!".
I have to disagree with almost everything here. Especially what you said about Loki. Tom Hiddleston made me feel like he was Loki just as much as I feel like RDJ is Stark. Hiddleston portrayed the essence of Loki beautifully and that's not an easy thing to do giving that Loki can be a complex character at times.

And IM2 is my favorite MCU film though IM1 is the best followed by Thor. I use to think Cap was the bottom of the bunch until I watched it again after Avengers and now I give it a lot more credit than before. Can't wait til CA: TWS now.

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