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Default Re: Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns Animated - Part 1

I only saw both episodes a few days ago. I cant' say i was disappointed , because it was exactly as expected. An half baked adaptation , with no direction , terribly executed , poor animation (those cgi models straight from a ps1 ....that car race wow!) , lifeless backgrounds (those interiors !!) and with a pace where nothing matters , nothing lingers , nothing stays. There's no weight to anything. This is like a fast reading , going through panels as fast as possible. A bunch of background noise that tries to give some rhythm to the images , but it's damn near impossible with such a poor job with the visual direction

Just a terrible adaption. Yes , it is better than Year one , but that's just because that was really bad.

I liked Robocop's voice. Great job by Weller. Batman's artwork also is pretty consistent.

A static medium vs a motion medium is completely different. They abide by different rules . You cant' force one over the other. And if you want to be faithful , at least , try to mimic the tone , the washing colors (those terrible digital coloring...blargh) , the city decay. They mimic the panels , but they are never able to capture the essence of Miller's work.

I've always dreamt of seeing Miller's DKR , as a big animation project. It has such an epic feel. A grand story , that would translate beautifully into a big project. Animation is US , looks to be very stigmatized . There's no place for drama , for seriousness. It's a shame , because this would look amazing as two fantastic films. Maybe one day i'll see animation completely flourish , and be able to adapt all this great American comics that look wonderful with pen and pencils , the way they deserve.

The limited budget can't be an excuse. Mask of the Phantasm is , albeit is limitations , a fantastic film.

Stick to the books.

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