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Default Re: Rick "Motherf***in" Grimes Thread

Originally Posted by Sakuraba View Post
The problem with Rick breaking down and seeing people that aren't there, having imaginary love making and long phone calls, and all that, is how he's handled as a character going forward.

Did that firefight really snap him out of it? Is that how mental illness works, and that's how I define his behavior. It doesn't strike me as symptoms that are fixed with a good night's slumber. , "I talked with imaginary Lori and settled my business with her. I'm at peace" and Rick's suddenly cured. That'd be bulls***
Nope, a schizophrenic break is almost always followed by hospitalization(s), years of counseling, and a new medication regiment. However, Rick does seem to have some insight into his illness. He understands that his voices and images/hallucinations aren't real, they stem from an overstressed mind.

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