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Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
Well, tbh the Superman 3 fight features the evil version of Superman throwing a punch only, and in the SIV fight, I wouldn't really call that a punch but more of a flying tackle.
Well, sure, I guess you could say he ceases to be Superman when the 'real' Superman splits from "evil' Superman's body.

But that second clip was definitely not a tackle, let alone a "flying tackle." A tackle involves seizing and grasping, but Superman's fists are clearly closed in that scene. It was a punch. In fact, even if I were to agree that Nuclear Man was tackled, you'd still have to concede that Superman punched him during the tackle; Superman's fists were closed, and they were propelled into Nuclear Man's body. It was a punch.

Both of those punches were unconvincing and unsatisfactory, however, so I definitely share your enthusiasm for a strong, hearty, vivid Super-punch, which I'm sure Snyder is more than capable of delivering.

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