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Default Re: What love interests will Bruce Wayne/Batman have in the reboot?

Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
Ugh, no. There is no way the audience wouldn't be laughing their asses off at the idea that they should take Jezebelle Jet seriously. Unless you really want the audience to believe Batman is a complete incompetent who can't spot a person who is practically holding up an "I AM AN EVIL FEMME FATALE!" neon sign above her head. . .
I'll have to re-read the story but I thought that after Batman got it together and confronted her,he told her he knew the truth about her from the beginning and that he was only playing along in order to help take down the entire organization. That would be signifigantly different than not knowing Miranda Tate was actually Ra's Al Ghul's daughter.

Anyways,while not a love interest,I'd love to see Lady Shiva show up down the line.

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