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Default Re: The best Marvel Studio movie

Originally Posted by MessiahDecoy123 View Post
I agree.

Blade is still one of the best.

But many don't see it way. Not sure why?

Maybe it didn't gel with the average person for some reason. I'll still continue to appreciate it regardless.
I think along with the first 2 X-Men and first two Spider-man movies(and maybe Punisher'04) that Blade1 is the only Marvel film from the early years of the superhero movie renaissance(1998-2007) that didn't suck. It's pretty ok, actually. Though the SFX are laughable and the entire movie is a bit too much a product of it's time(what with silly music cues for the action and a hero and film that's trying way too hard to seem just bad-ass as opposed to naturally just being that way by virtue of great storytelling). Blade2 however is utterly forgettable. And Blade 3 I heard sucked(I never bothered to see it).

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