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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part

Gosforth Cross

The Gosforth Cross has elaborate carvings which have been interpreted as representing characters and scenes from Norse mythology. The Gosforth Cross was first identified in 1886 by the amateur antiquarian Charles Arundel Parker in his book The Ancient Crosses at Gosford and Cumberland. He demonstrated that the cross showed scenes described in the Poetic Edda.[1] Those include images identified as:
Loki bound with his wife Sigyn protecting him.
The god Heimdallr holding his horn.
The god Víðarr tearing the jaws of Fenrir.
Thor's failed attempt to catch Jörmungandr, the Midgard Serpent.
The cross also has Christian symbolism, including a depiction of the crucifixion of Christ. The combination of Christian and Norse pagan symbolism on the cross may be evidence of the use of pagan stories to illustrate Christian teachings.[1]
The cross is 4.4 metres tall and made out of red sandstone. It is estimated to date from 920-950 and is still in fairly good condition. The importance of the Gosforth Cross (as well as the Irton Cross) caused the Victoria and Albert Museum to have replicas made in 1882.[2] They are on display in the Cast Hall at the museum. In 1887, the Rev. William Slater Calverley commissioned a replica life-sized copy of this cross and erected it in the churchyard at Aspatria, Cumbria.[3]
The church also has important hogback tombs, and what appears to be a fragment of another cross, showing the god Thor fishing.
The attack on the Viking Village in Thor 1 occurs in 965 AD. After this cross is estimated to have dated back to. Any myths the images on the cross would have had to happen well prior to this, to have these images added at all. Not that they couldnt completely ignore this in the MCU, just saying, the Vikings and their gods were around well before 965, and it seems like they would be pretty severely changing history to say that was not the case.

If the Asgardian's had a PR guy telling the Vikings what to write, needless to say Loki got seriously screwed in that deal. (literally) I'd almost like a joke about that in MCU, like "what the Hel have they been writing about me?! BAH! I will destroy them all!" Besides the fact that the Aesir/Asgardians, are not the nicest and most honorable of gods in the real mythology. So hardly stuff I'd think the Asgardians would want spread about them.

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