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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux - Part 1

It really is. It's funny/sad what happens on tumblr whenever someone is rumored to be dating him, it's like mass hysterics, and then other people get mad at them for it, and then fighting between the "I hate her for dating him" and the "let him be happy, leave them alone" factions (me being on the second side). With people yelling and insulting each other over something that is really none of our business, and should not be of such importance to us anyway. i try not to pay attention to it but it is aggravating when it starts up because then the tag gets cluttered up with that crap. I mean, the vast majority, if not all of us fangirls, don't have a chance in Hell, so if he finds someone to be happy with then, GREAT! let him be happy, it's none of our business if he's dating someone or not anyway.

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