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Default Re: Alfred Pennyworth in the reboot

Originally Posted by TheFantasticJoe View Post
With a new Batman movie series, a new Alfred is inevitable. How would you like to see Alfred portrayed in the upcoming reboot, and who would be best to play him?

Personally, I'd like to see the formula mixed up a bit from the previous two series. Where Michael Gough and Michael Caine played more elderly, nurturing types, I wouldn't mind seeing a more involved, war-toughened Alfred that plays more on his army background. Maybe make him a little younger (late fifties as opposed to early-mid seventies like the previous two Alfreds) and get him more involved in the action. I'm not saying he should fight crime alongside Batman, but I'd like to see him more hands-on in the detective work as a supporting figure to Bruce.

Of course, he still should have that fatherly feel to him, but I'd like to see a little more from him this time around. I think Batman: The Animated Series is a good model to base him on.

Maybe my ideas are terrible, but that's just my way of seeing it. How would you like Alfred to be portrayed?
You're ideas seem fine to me.As I mentioned in a different post,I'd like to see more of when needed Alfred working on computers in the cave,researching information and background checks,studying surveylence cameras,running analysis evidence, working as a medic and things of that nature while Batman is out fighting crime or recouperating from injuries.

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